Monday, December 8, 2008

Kelsie's adventures

The evening was going great: supper was done, girls bathed and ready for bed and Claire actually already asleep in bed, I was doing the dishes and Eddie was reading a suspenseful book in bed. Kelsie was doing great as well, just keeping herself occupied until I was ready to put her to bed. Then all of a sudden I heard a horrible cry and I drop the dish I was washing back into the sink. I start looking for the cry and opened the bathroom door to find this.

Now you may think I am mean for making her sit in there while I took a picture, but the camera was literally 4 feet away. I would love to know what was going through that cute little head of hers when she decided to sit on the toilet.

Christmas Tree

Eddie went and picked out an amazing Christmas tree on Saturday. It is definitely the largest we have ever had. I love Christmas trees in our house because once a year our not very practical window in the living room is extremely practical. It is a big large corner window so it sits right in the corner where we leave the curtains open all day and night for everyone to see our tree. I love Christmas trees and the amazing smell they give off.