Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catch up - Christmas and Kelsie's Birthday

For Kelsie's birthday we started out the day with cinnamon rolls! We opened a couple of small presents. She took a nap before lunch where we went to a fun fast food place called Shivers. They love sitting and eating in the train.

We then came home and did the birthday cupcakes and finished opening up her presents. It was a fun day and Kelsie couldn't say Happy Birthday any cuter.

Ed went in to check on the girls one night and found Claire sleeping like this with her leg up on the wall. We are always taking pictures of our girls sleeping because they are so darn cute.

Here are a couple of Christmas pictures. We had a fun princess Christmas. They each got a princess movie, some princess barbies, and princess dress-ups. It was a fun day. All Claire wanted was a Cinderella dress that went "down down" meaning all the way to the floor.

I am saving this picture for when they are teenagers fighting! It will be sure to make them laugh or at least I think it will.