Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter dresses

Eddie's sister, Alison, did a wonderful job taking pictures of our girls. I had a really hard time picking some of my favorites, but here are a few. Thanks Ali!

Cinderella missing her slipper.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


People often tell us that we need to Blog more often and we always agree. I would like to just give an example of why it is hard to get on the computer for longer then 5 minutes at a time. Here is the mirror Claire broke while I was trying to Blog about our Arizona trip. She did not like how long it was taking me, and wanted my full attention. Well needless to say she got it.

Eddie's mom has suggested a couple of times that I get a play pin. Well I have finally listened to her advice. I don't have a play pin, but this pack N play is working pretty well. Here are the girls watching Barney. I was finally able to finish my post!


We spent last weekend with some wonderful friends down in Phoenix, Arizona. We are so thankful for their friendship. They were so brave to let us stay 3 full nights and 4 days with them. Thanks you guys! The traveling went well on the way down. The girls were impressively well behaved, which isn't something I can say too often. The drive was so pretty. I really could live anywhere along the way, including Phoenix. We stopped in at Tim and Dusty's house and Dusty made us some lunch. We then headed to the Dodger game which was about 30 minutes away. The girls were a lot to handle at the game. I think it was a little bit too much for them that day. So we ended up leaving a little bit early. We went back to Tim and Dusty's for the night. The girls loved playing with Ava and Jaiden and all of their fun toys. I really wish I had gotten some pictures of them playing together. They really loved the swings in the back yard.
The next morning, Eddie went with Tim to watch the Dodgers and Diamondbacks play, while the girls and I went with Dusty and her girls to an Easter Egg hunt. It took Claire a few minutes to figure it out, but she got the hang of it. We then went shopping at the outlets. Between 2 mommies we had 5 girls all 5 and under. You might be imagining that all heck broke loose in GAP, but the girls were actually pretty good and let us enjoy some shopping. We then went back to Dusty's for naps and more playing. The guys had a good time at the game. We had a wonderful evening full of good grilled food (thanks Dusty), Blue Bell ice cream, and playing golf on the wii.
Then Saturday morning, the guys watched the girls while Dusty and I got a little break and went to Last Chance (it is like a TJ Max, but only with item from Nordstroms). I love shopping with Dusty! (I am not writing love in past tense because I hope it is something we get to do again soon.) We got home in time for the guys to go play 18 holes of golf and we headed to the pool. The girls had a great time in the kiddie pool. The weather was so nice the entire trip. Warm, but not quite hot. We quickly got home in time to get ready for our evening out without our girls. We had sushi, which was amazing, and then went to an arcade. The only pictures I got for the entire trip were of us at the arcade.
The next day was Easter, where we relaxed and went for dinner at Tim's parents house. We left for home at about 8:00 p.m. that night. The plan was to have the girls sleep all night in the car. It worked pretty well for Claire, but not for Kelsie. She was not very happy, but eventually figured it out. We got some good rest all day on Monday though. That was our trip! It was a lot of fun and definitely the break that I needed. Thanks again Tim and Dusty. We love you guys.